Welcome to the 30th Annual Milwaukee Feis!

Presented by the Milwaukee Feis Society

30 years ago we began this feis with a humble 400 dancers. The Milwaukee Feis is now one of the largest, and is the longest running feis in Milwaukee, and we are very proud
to still be keeping the tradition alive today!

Once again, the 2019 Milwaukee Feis will be held at the Student Union at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2200 E. Kenwood Blvd). This is a gorgeous campus and a great place for a feis. With plenty of room to spread out, places to eat and fun for everyone around the neighborhood, we are happy to hold our feis at this location once again in 2019.

Be sure to check out our location page for more information
about the campus and the Milwaukee area.

Stage schedule

The stage schedule will be posted no later than Monday, August 5th

Competitor List

The competitor list will be posted no later than Monday, August 5th

Entry Limits

First PAID 900
Beginner 1 - Prizewinner Entries
First PAID 350
Preliminary & Open Championship Entries

*First Feis and all Non-Dancing competitions - No Limit:
New entries in these categories only accepted until August 4th
(late fee will still be applied July 27th - August 4th)

Registration On


Registration for the Milwaukee Feis is being held on QuickFeis
and will begin on Saturday, June 9th
*All entries must be paid for in order to be considered completed.
*All payments must be done on www.QuickFeis.com
with credit card - no checks or mail-in payments accepted.

All Registration and new entries will stay open until August 4th - all late fees are being waved.

Please pay promptly to ensure your spot in this year's feis..
*All entries and payments must be done through QuickFeis
absolutely no email, phone, mail or drop-off
entries or payments will be accepted.

Monday, August 5th: No more changes/additions/payments (all unpaid entries/competitions will be dropped)
*See Rule 14 re: figures

Saturday, August 10th:
7:00 a.m.: Registration Opens
8:30 a.m.: Feis Begins Promptly

Preliminary and Open Championship competitions will run youngest to oldest. We will have a separate area for Preliminary and Open Championship awards presentations in the Union Theater. The theater is located across the Hall from the Wisconsin Room where these competitions will be held. There will be signs outside the theater announcing what time each awards presentation will be held.
All Preliminary and Open Championship competitions will begin with soft shoe.

Registration At UW-Milwaukee

*Saturday, August 10th
***There will NOT be pre-registration Friday, August 9th in the evening.

Two Important Notes for 2019:
1. There is to be no dancing on the stages on the evening of Friday, August 9th due to insurance purposes.
2. Camping will be in designated areas only. There will be Milwaukee Feis and UW-Milwaukee staff strictly enforcing this at all times on Saturday.
Please note that, if you leave your belongings in any area at all marked no camping, your items will be removed and brought either to UW-Milwaukee security or the Feis Office.

Please avoid having this happen to you by sticking to the designated camping areas only.

Milwaukee Feis Society

President - Julie Smith
Executive Vice President - Victoria Gess
Entry Secretary - Maura Starr, TCRG
Treasurer - Henry Gottschlich
Recording Secretary - Marni Starr
Corresponding Secretary - Maura Starr, TCRG
Volunteer Coordinator - Victoria Gess
Vendors - Shannon Dieringer
Awards - Laura Radke
Chris Allen
Jerry Dahle
Bridget Jaskulski, TCRG
Doug Johnson

If you have any questions or
would like to submit an add,
please contact milwaukeefeis[at]gmail.com.

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